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2022 Contestants

These young women are competing for the title of Miss Farmington Cities 2022. In the few short months leading up to the pageant, contestants will be active in the community at various events for the general public and supporting their charities. They will also practice public speaking skills, and begin planning what they would like to showcase for their phases of competition in the pageant. You can meet the girls below!


Allie Nowak

Project: Beautifying Downtown Green Spaces

Allie, a Junior at Farmington High School in the Fall, joined the Miss Farmington Cities Scholarship Program to work on her public speaking skills and to help improve the Farmington community. When she graduates she hopes to get a degree in Sports Management and be a part of the major sports league’s management team. She loves to play sports, such as softball, basketball and golf, and hopes to continue working with athletes in the near future. She has struggled with hearing loss since she was 3 and Type 1 Diabetes since she was 11, and hopes to be a good role model to other people with disabilities.


Carrington Wash

Project: Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader

Carrington Wash is excited to make her debut as a contestant in the Miss Farmington Cities Scholarship Program. Carrington, a junior at Mercy High School, is an honor student and is very active in her school’s academic and social community. Carrington serves as a representative of student government, a member of the Mercyaires Choir, and participates in a variety of school and social activities.

Carrington believes giving back to her community is important because it allows her to demonstrate her Christian values and morals. She is very honored and excited to be a contestant in the Miss Farmington Cities Scholarship Program due to her passion for leadership, community service, and citizenship. Carrington’s career aspirations include being a pediatrician or a human rights lawyer. She is interested in both careers due to the commonality of helping others. Carrington is honored to have the opportunity to make a difference for the Farmington and Farmington Hills communities as a contestant in the Miss Farmington Cities Scholarship Program. Carrington expresses her gratitude to her family who has provided encouragement and support during this journey. Finally, Carrington also expresses gratitude to the Miss Farmington Cities Scholarship Program Committee for organizing and providing an opportunity for young ladies to give back to the Farmington and Farmington Hills communities.


Preya Patel

Project: Period Poverty

Preya is a rising senior at Farmington High School. She wanted to be a part of the Miss.Farmington cities program so that she can have a chance to connect with her community on a deeper level. Her favorite part of Farmington is the gorgeous Riley Park in our beloved downtown area. Seeing the community come together at Riley Park for the various events and to the ice rink during the holiday season always warms her heart. When she grows up, she wants to work in health care so that she can help others on a wider scale, much like how she strives to help others in her community every day. 

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