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Carrington Wash

Miss Farmington Cities 2022

My Community Project:


Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader

Carrington Wash is excited to make her debut as Miss Farmington Cities 2022! Carrington, a junior at Mercy High School in Farmington Hills, Michigan, is an honor roll student and is very active in her school’s academic and social community. Carrington serves as a representative of student government, a member of the Mercyaires Choir, and participates in a variety of school and social activities. Carrington believes giving back to her community is important because it allows her to demonstrate her Christian values and morals. She is very honored and excited to be Miss Farmington Cities 2022 due to her passion for leadership, community service, and citizenship. Carrington’s community service platform: Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader! is a community
service initiative that focuses on fostering the joy and love of reading throughout the Farmington Cities Communities. As a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Carrington noticed many children are experiencing challenges with their reading skills. According to
Stanford University researchers, reading fluency among second-and-third graders in the U.S. is roughly 30 percent behind what would be expected in a typical year. ( As Miss Farmington Cities, Carrington has monthly pop-up reading events where children and their parents can enjoy story time as she reads engaging books. Carrington engages children with the literature by asking questions
and offering a writing/drawing activity to support comprehension. Finally, each month’s pop-up reading event focuses on a different theme such as friendship to fairness. As Miss Farmington Cities 2022, Carrington received the Academic Excellence Award, The
Farmington’s Mayor Essay Award, The American Legion Essay Award, and the People’s Choice Award, and the Ginny & Grace Award. Carrington’s career aspirations include being a pediatrician or a human rights lawyer. She is interested in both careers due to the commonality of helping others. Carrington is honored to have the opportunity to make a difference to the Farmington and Farmington Hills communities as Miss Farmington Cities 2022. Carrington expresses her gratitude to her family who have provided encouragement and support during this journey. Additionally, Carrington would like to give a special thank you to her mother who supports her in all of her endeavors. Finally, Carrington also expresses gratitude to the Miss Farmington Cities Scholarship Program Committee, and a special thank you to Mrs. Roxanne Fitzpatrick, for organizing and providing opportunities for young ladies to give back to the Farmington and Farmington Hills communities.

My year so far...

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