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A Year in Review: 2015

Sidney Schrand

Miss Farmington 2015


Peace, Love and Planet

To my amazing charity, thank you for allowing me to work with you the past year years. I love your passion for the environment and your passion working with elementary school children is the work that will truly make a difference for our future generation. You are an amazing role model, I cannot thank you enough <3


Roxanne Fitzpatrick

A huge thank you to my sponsor Roxanne Fitzpatrick with Keller Williams Realty. You and your entire family were an incredible support system, I loved working with you all throughout the year and enjoy still getting to see you and your amazing family. So much love!

A Green Initiative


Being Miss Farmington gave me the self-confidence to work with my charity, Peace Love and Planet, to try to work with the City Council to create a plan to provide more recycling options for buisnesses in downtown Farmington. I was honored to receive a special tribute from Michigan from Christine Grieg for my work throughout the year to try to help our truly amazing city become even more green.

To my amazing mom and sisters

From chauffeurs, photographers, wardrobe consultants, chaperones, amateur scrapbookers and so many more, you all wore countless hats and I cannot thank you enough. I love you all so much, and I could not have done nearly as much for the community without you. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart

A Huge

Thank you

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